WWE SmackDown: What now for Bayley after vicious Becky Lynch attack?

Bayley’s action on Raw are the talking point this week – therefore what will occur when she contributes into SmackDown tonight?
After she blasted Becky Lynch having a barrage of bench shots, following in the footsteps of her buddy Sasha Banks, with whom she exited the arena arm-in-arm the very much Hugger made some major waves Monday night.
But many facts appear to have been missing in the red mist of Rawthat a championship that she has to guard against Charlotte Flair in Clash of Champions on September 15, the SmackDown women’s name is currently held by Bayley.
Flair herself isn’t a stranger to bending the rules and their game – which can be in Flair’s home city of Charlotte, North Carolina – may observe.
There’ll also be a lot of interest from the manner by. As a rival who has ever been styled in a way that is very fan-friendly, will there be, for example, new entrance music? WWE fans can find out on SmackDown, live on Sky Sports Arena in 1am tonight.
Will Reigns apologise to Bryan?
Last Tuesday, Roman Reigns showed, even though Daniel Bryan’s insistence, Erick Rowan was behind the gruesome attacks on The Big Dog.
In the aftermath of this disclosure, a Bryan proceeded to insist he had nothing to do with the strikes and struck against his ally. Reigns, seeming to not get Bryan’s story, silenced The World’s Champion having a thunderous Spear.
Despite the evidence pointing to him guilty by association, Bryan asserts Erick Rowan acted and claimed he still deserves an apology from Reigns. So will The Big Dog forgive him?
King of the gang continues
The part of the King of the Ring quarter-finals of smackDown includes what’s guaranteed to be an extreme conflict between Ali and Elias because the brand’s quartet continue their fight to get to the closing, which will take place in Clash of Champions.
The other game of tonight is a mouth-watering one, with Chad Gable carrying on Andrade. Following weeks Shelton Benjamin persuading him Gable showed his tag team partner by removing him from the tournament that size is not everything.
However, the Olympian’s route to the crown today runs throughout Andrade, who’s riding high following a string of successes over Rey Mysterio along with a triumph against Apollo Crews from the first round, and who’s the selection of many individuals to win the whole thing.



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