How to Be a Confident Business Woman

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There is a lot of media going around these days about women’s shortcomings compared to men and it get’s to me a little.

While I understand that in some parts of the world, women still need a voice, in most developed countries, women are proving all over the place that we already have that voice.

To me, many more women just need the push to make that voice heard and gain the confidence to roar.

There is a bit of a “man” stigma when it comes to business, and you know why? Men are direct and to the point, they speak their minds.

We women tend to be a bit more reserved, taking to mind others feelings and reactions to our message, and how we are perceived.

While these things are very important for a successful business persona, it is also vital for you to know when it is time to speak up.

Confidence is not always a natural thing, and it doesn’t have to be, if you can fake a smile, you can fake the confidence you need to give a presentation, or make your point to the best of your ability.

This shows, and makes a huge difference in how anyone, male or female, takes you in the business world.

If you are finding yourself feeling a little small, or deflated, try these little exercises to build you up and get you ready to face any challenge with the confidence that resonates within you.

  1. Meditate

Taking a couple of minutes to meditate or just reflect before a meeting will give you a more centered state of mind that helps with focusing and handling emotional triggers.

  1. Practice beforehand

The saying practice makes perfect is completely true.

If you feel anxious or worried about an upcoming meeting, practice that meeting before it happens. Have a friend help if possible, but try to come up with questions and responses that may come up so you feel more comfortable.

  1. Study Study Study

Make sure you know your stuff when you go into any meeting. Look up who you are meeting with, make sure you fully understand you topics in depth, and prepare questions and topics for you to bring up.

  1. When all else fail, fake it

This can be easier than you might think.

Sometimes you just have to suck it up and own a persona that beams confidence and reflects your knowledge.




Susanne Birgersdotter

I am a true entrepreneurial spirit in a male-dominated industry that founded the fastest growing independent group in Sweden that creates solutions to appindustrin. Owns five companies where the business idea is to develop, design and deliver the largest applications for smartphone users worldwide. My goal is to develop my company and at the same time inspire other women to take the plunge into entrepreneurship sphere.

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