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Again you cannot have the equivalent of the 1000’s of tons

There shall be a space experiment called the place Tethered Autonomous Robotic Satellite–Mini elevator, as well as STARS-Me. This is like a toothpick fill representing a proof of concept for the 100-mile long bridge.

If a fully reusable SpaceX BFR is actually built then 100 tons will be launched every time and only the price of fuel would be needed. Again you cannot have the equivalent of the 1000’s of tons of steel and cement.. They will 10-meter steel tether within space.

The elevator car portion will not be proven beyond 1000 meters as opposed to the 50, 000 kilometers. A rocket system exactly where construction has started, the engine is almost developed and some level of reusable rockets are already demonstrated has costs that are almost as well as a low-ball price estimate of the system where the technology does not exist.

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