Why Working Mothers are Good for Kids

By: Susanne Birgersdotter


We have an advantage in Sweden over other developed countries in the world. We’re an egalitarian society that believes in gender equality, both at home and in the workplace. There’s finally research to back up what we already knew—working moms are great role models for their children, especially girls.

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I recently read an article about an international Harvard Business School study that found men who were raised by working mothers were more likely to pitch in with household chores and spend more time caring for family members. Women raised by working mothers were more likely to have supervisory jobs and earn higher wages than women whose mothers stayed home full time.


Sometimes it’s a hard decision to make: to stay home with your children or to have a career. For entrepreneurs, however, the need to follow your passion and create a successful business is greater than the guilt over leaving your children in day care.


Following are some truths I’ve learned over the years about raising my children while following my entrepreneurial spirit.


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  1. You’re just as close with your kids as stay-at-home moms. I enjoy close relationships with my children. It has nothing to do with whether I’m home with them all day or not. It’s about making sure that we connect and stay connected. Your children will love you just as much whether you work or stay at home.
  2. Kids don’t have behavioral problems because of day care. Quality day care providers care for your children just as well as you would, and your children benefit from being exposed to other adults and children. In fact, research has shown that children of working mothers actually have better grades in school. Children thrive in day care, so you can release your guilt over putting your children in day care for hours each day.
  3. Working moms are happier. I’m a much happier person because I pursue my passions. It makes me feel more balanced, which translates into a happier home life. I spend just as much quality time with my children as non-working mothers, and it shows in our close relationships. I’m not saying that it’s not difficult to manage a business and a family, but it’s definitely worth the effort.
  4. Working moms are excellent role models. My children see a strong, confidant woman who works both inside and outside the home. My family has learned more about gender roles in managing family and work than they would had I been a stay-at-home mom. I am a clear-cut example to my children that women are excellent business persons, excellent mothers, and are able to manage a full life.


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Actress Jessica Alba headed to the Century City mall in Los Angeles, California on September 7, 2011 with her first daughter Honor and mother Catherine. The three ladies enjoyed their Coffee Bean as they went from store to store shopping. Recently Jessica has been working hard at losing the baby weight after giving birth to her second daughter Haven. COPYRIGHT STELLA PICTURES


There’s plenty of scientific evidence that being a working mom won’t harm your kids and can actually benefit them in surprising ways. So don’t feel guilty about time away from your kids. Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and build something your children will be proud of. Your kids will be better off in so many ways because of it.


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Susanne Birgersdotter

I am a true entrepreneurial spirit in a male-dominated industry that founded the fastest growing independent group in Sweden that creates solutions to appindustrin. Owns five companies where the business idea is to develop, design and deliver the largest applications for smartphone users worldwide. My goal is to develop my company and at the same time inspire other women to take the plunge into entrepreneurship sphere.

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