Have you found your signaturelook?


Smokey eyes combined with dark lips


What is your signaturelook? Do you have one? Sure, it’s fun to play and test new colors and looks, but is there a look you always come back to? A makeup that you know you always look smashing and that works for all occasions?
If you have not found your signature look – follow the steps below and see if you find the look that suits you best:

# When do you feel beautiful?

Think of a time when you felt beautiful and elegant.
It doesn´t need to be a time when you had a lot of makeup, it can be a time when you might have had a pair of red lips or a simple eyeliner. There may be an occasion when you had a more minimalist look or maybe went all in with a pair of smoky eyes.

# Think of your comfort zone.

If you love a look on someone else, but don´t feel 100% comfortable when wearing it yourself – this will not be your signaturelook. That does not mean you can not play with it and wear it, but when it comes to your signturelook you must feel beautiful and be comfortable wearing it. If there is a thing you feel comfortable in, but think it’s too much for everyday, think about whether it is possible to customize it? A shocking pair of pink lips might be toned down with a less bright color, a broad eyeliner can be made thinner.

# What would you highlight?

Want to highlight your eyes, pick a look with eyeliner or a highlighter in the inner corner to brighten them up and make them look larger. If you have big lips in a bold lip color or very lipgloss, concentrate on this and keep the rest of your look neutral for balance. Have great cheekbones? Emphasize them with little contour to accentuate them even more.

# How much time do you spend every morning?

Consider how much time you want to spend each day on your makeup. Be realistic. If you like to sleep late, you will not want to have a look that takes twenty minutes to fix, no matter how much you love it or how good you feel in that particular look. If you’re the type who rushes out the door, it is probably better for you to use a tinted moisturizer, mascara and light colored lipgloss. If you have a few extra minutes, use these to add a bit more focus on the lips or if you prefer to accentuate the eyes a little extra – use the minutes in which to add an eyeliner or some shade.

cheeksCheekbones and a pair of perfect lips






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