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I teach entrepreneurs and executives how to become
a heartfelt leader so that they can inspire their people
and make a difference.

It is no secret when I say that our time desperately needs strong leaders. But where should we look for them?

I am convinced that the next generation of leaders, the ones who will lead us out of this worldwide crisis, will not come from the top. It will not be a politician or a top executive of a giant global company who will initiate the big wave of change.

Rather it will be the people, persons like you and me, who decide to use their talents and experiences to build a better future. They will do their best, exactly where they are and with what they have. Because they know that it is no coincidence that they are where they are and they are willing to learn what they have to learn. They know that they have to do something if they want to see an change to the better.

And how should that work?

We have to learn to be leaders. We have to learn how we can make best use of our talents so that we can create the highest leverage for ourselves and for others. And for this we need leaders, people who know how to unite with others, how to collaborate for the sake of of joint and desired outcome.

The good news is: Everybody can become a great Leader. And it is not that difficult. Because it is our nature. We just have unlearned to live in harmony with nature and its laws.

This is why I have spent countless days and nights to develop a path which I call the path to Heartfelt Leadership. This path consist of a series of trainings and is the basis for a new kind of Leadership, namely to lead oneself and others from the Heart. This means that not only the desperately needed values will be established on this path but also the ability to live in unison with nature and its laws will be reawakened.

Who is this path for?

The path and the trainings are especially designed for entrepreneurs and executives, who have decided that something has to change. It is for people who can sense that there is something within them which is extremely valuable. Something that will them to transform themselves and their environment.

How can you learn that?
This is something that I teach in my seminars, webinars and coaching. I am actually building a global network of fellows, who will organize events where I can passover my gifts. In nearly every seminar I meet Heartfelt Leaders who are diamonds and just needed someone who takes the dust of their covered diamond structure. These people then become trainers and help me to multiply my efforts by adding their own experiences and insights. Like we have started a grass-root movement which will hopefully travel around the globe quickly.
This movement is about us

It is my deeply believe that this movement is about us. The closer we stand together and support each other the quicker we will get out of trouble. Everybody deserves to be happy and live a fulfilled life. And times have never been better to create true wealth and abundance for all mankind. No need to wait. We just have to do it.

Dialogue most wanted

Let me know your thoughts and feelings about Heartfelt Leadership and if I touched your Heart you might want to play a role in this movement.

Erhard Ruettimann

Executive Leadership Trainer





Lisa Sjödahl


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