Find the ultimate sleeping position for you!

To sleep well is important for your health and the right sleeping position can make a big difference to your quality of sleep. Here’s how you can deal with shoulder pain, back pain, sore necks and other common sleep villains through small adjustments in your sleeping position.


Sleep problems may be due to several reasons, but a poor sleeping posture triggers easily a vicious circle. Wrong sleeping position can cause cramping, poor blood circulation and pain in the body. And you sleep poorly, you may experience more health problems, which can lead to even more trouble sleeping. To get out of this vicious circle, try switching to a different sleeping position – already start tonight.

Back Pain

Many women suffer from back pain and it is exacerbated if you sleep on the wrong way. In order to reduce the evil it is important to keep the spine in a neutral and natural bent position while sleeping. Lie on your side with your knees slightly bent and hips in a straight line. Place a firm pillow between your knees so that your legs are supported. Let your arms be relaxed on the side or front of you. This position may feel uncomfortable at first, but do not give up, the evil will decrease if you allow the spine to rest in a neutral position while sleeping.

Menstrual cramps

But often you just want to curl up into a little ball when you have menstrual cramps. But do not do it – it actually makes things worse. When you lie on your side or stomach so does touch on your uterus, and that in itself causes seizures and irritation, which is precisely what we want to avoid. Next time you get menstrual cramps, try instead to place a pillow under your knees to keep the length of your back as straight as possible. If you still have pain, put a pillow under your knees to get even more support to the lower part of the body.

Hip Problems

There are many who suffer from a so-called “löparhöft”, an inflammation that has accumulated in the hip joint. To lie and sleep on a hip that has become inflamed very painful. When you lie on your side so you expose the hip for added strain. Try instead to lie on his back so get your hips rest during the night. A pillow under your knees for extra support and stability.

Shoulder pain

Pain in the shoulder may be due to several reasons, such as a heavy purse or that you sleep on the wrong way. The way you sleep on can both cause and relieve your shoulder problem. Many women make the mistake of putting their bottom arm under his head when to sleep, but it lags on the arm so the nerves around the shoulder become trapped and cause pain.

To get rid of the pain in the shoulder, put you on your pain-free side with legs slightly bent and the lower arm straight out in front of you. Then insert both arms as if you were hugging a pillow to his chest. Avoid protruding the upper leg in front of you, if you need help hold the bones in place, try placing a pillow between your thighs. Could it be that both shoulders ache, you can lie on your back and keep your arms relaxed at your sides.

Pain in the neck

Do you sleep on a wafer-thin pillow? Not so easy on the neck. A thin cushion that puts his head in an upward or downward slope can compress the cervical spine, the neck muscles and cause soreness, especially if you lie on your stomach or side. Most of the people with neck pain sleep best on his back, with his neck in a neutral position. It’s about finding a pillow that supports your neck. When you have a cushion to support, remember to keep your arms relaxed at your sides. The arms must not sneak up behind your head when you sleep.



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