Top 6 Unique Hotels around the Globe

Traveling is one of the best ways to expand your horizons and learn about the life. But usually then we think about traveling and seeing unique places, hotels are definitely not the first thing we consider about. Well, we think about hotels but usually only in the matter of sleeping over. And that sometimes might be a critical mistake! Today, I am going to present you six unique hotels located all around the globe. Staying in these hotels is an experience for sure, and sometimes traveling to a country just to spend a night in here might be the first and only reason you travel at all!
  1. Spitbank Fort
If you want to run away from your daily routine and enjoy ocean’s calmness then Spitbank fort, which is actually a hotel too, can be what you are looking for. In fact, the hotel is located just on the water - between two Portsmouth and Wight islands. Also, traveling here from London will take you around 2 hours, but that is absolutely worth it knowing that you will be able to enjoy peacefulness and quietness as much as you want.
  1. Free Spirit Spheres
Another unique and one of a kind hotel you can stay at can be found in Canada. The hotel is open all year long, and it is working in the forests nearby Vancouver. Free Spirit Spheres Hotel invite you to enjoy the tranquility of nature, but visitors are accepted only if they are 16 years or older. Why? Because of the safety reasons! Rooms you can spend your night at, are really impressive. They are actually huge handmade balls tied with ropes to trees. According to the founder of the hotel, tourists here can really experience the extraordinary spirit, which really shows up during windy nights then trees start to swing!
  1. Marques de Riscal
In Spain, in the city called Elciego, you can found a hotel, which undoubtedly attracts travelers’ eye for its outstanding architecture. Marques de Riscal reminds a bit of a colorful mess, but in fact, this hotel can be called as a real architectural masterpiece. Here you can choose to stay at one of 43 rooms, so the hotel is pretty small. But we can ensure you that spending a night here will be one of a kind, and you will never forget your stay here for sure!
  1. Crane Hotel
In Amsterdam, you can explore the city and after that get a room at the Crane hotel. This, definitely one of the most unusual hotels, get to this list because of one simple reason - this hotel literally offers accommodation space on a crane, which is about 50 meters above the ground! What is even more impressive is that in this hotel tourists can visit and enjoy the rooftop swimming pool with a truly breathtaking view and panorama to the city!
  1. Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht
If you lifetime dream is to spend a few nights on a ship, but you don’t like cruises – no problem! In South Korea, you can find a hotel just for people like that! Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht is visually quite unlike comparing to traditional hotels. All apartments, rooms, restaurants and all other things traditionally found at a hotel are located in the large cruise ship on a huge hill nearby the sea! So here you can literally spend your night on a ship without actually being on the water!
  1. The V8 hotel
Welcome to the world of cars! Beds here are car-shaped, rooms are decorated with garage, shelves, and slopes themes, and you can literally choose what kind of car model you want to sleep in! Every motto enthusiasts will find a perfect room in this hotel, and we can ensure you about that! This unconventional German hotel really gets a lot of attention of every nappy traveler, no matter the age or sex. So if you are a fan of German cars, this hotel is must-visit for sure!

Smart things to do during Christmas

Christmas is a time when you should spread happiness and be happy even. There are many ways in which you can be happy and spread happiness. The ways in which you can satisfy both purposes are noted below. Check it out. Charity gifts We can either spend the money on necessarily and irresponsible or we can use it for good purposes like giving it to charity. During Christmas, we will find the number of people who will continually look at ways in which they can be happy and give happiness to those who are in extreme need of it. Remember that your gift items can make them smile and even make them feel happy about the blessing they have got via you.   Look for cheap Christmas gift ideas It is important to understand that Christmas is one time where you will get any discounts and offers on everything. Every store is offering discount no matter where ever they may be. So, it is important to understand the same and make sure that you look for affordable Christmas gift ideas for 2016 and make sure that you find the satisfaction in the items you have selected for your loved ones.   Use the same decorations you used last year We have so many things to purchase, and decorations should not be on the list because decorations are unnecessary and you are not getting anything out of it. It is important to realize that you have an opportunity to bag the best available deals that are available in the market and ensure that each and every alternative that is given to you makes you feel comfortable and happy. It is important to understand that until and unless you are looking for the right alternatives, you will not have to worry about anything that really matters apart from the fact that your house looks good with the same old decorations. It is not a matter of shame and so do not think of new decorations simply to please others.   How about buying gift cards You might don't realize, but gift cards are not really the best option available for you during Christmas. It is important to understand that gift cards not only have an expiry date, but it is also possible that the person to whom you gifted, they might forget or lose them which will force you to lose your money and get no benefits out of the same.   Visit your relatives place during Christmas Christmas is a time when you should get together with your relatives and enjoy your time. One of the ways in which you can do this is my visiting their place and making them feel comfortable as a host. Alternatively, you can even invite them to your house.