Morakniv vs Beaver Craft : Woodcarving

Morakniv vs Beaver Craft : Woodcarving

It is a great way for beginners to start with their new hobby. As an experienced carver, I’ve been working with wood for a quite long period of time, though not with tools for carving wooden spoons.

beaver craft spoon carving set

The set for woodcarving has a large whittling knife, thin delicate knife, sculpting general knife and hook knife. This set will go for a perfect gift for people who are keen on woodcarving. ⚡️PREMIUM QUALITY WOOD CARVING SET⚡️ No worries about the quality and durability, we manufacture longlasting and the best green beavercraft sloyd knife woodworking tools on the market. We make sure to take care of all woodcarvers needs. You’ll get not only the wood carving knife set but the friendly customer care team that helps you with all technical requirements of carving set, carving and sharpening techniques of hook knife set and just a good piece of advice.

New BeaverCraft tools set for carving spoons from wood. The set includes a whittling knife, a hook knife and a long bent gouge. Morakniv knives are still great whittling tools I, myself, even own one, it was my wife’s present and, in fact it was my first wood carving chisel. I just believe that among helvie knives other wood carving tools for sale it was specifically designed to be best wood carving knife for doing the rough job and not precise figure carving. They are very long.

This set was a surprising discovery for me. Because for such a reasonable price you’ll get extreme sharpness of blades and high quality of the tools’ construction. However, it allowed me to get acquainted with the trade from the very first hours after purchasing.

The BeaverCraft Wood Carving Hook Knife is our favorite hook knife for spoon carving due to its carbon steel blade, ergonomic handle, and great edge. The Morakniv Knife 164 comes with a stainless steel blade with a great angle, a lightweight frame, and an ergonomic handle, though its high price keeps it out of first place.

Finally, we became a company, official manufacturer of tools for woodcarving with the brand name BeaverCraft! We were reaching this goal for more than 2 years and grew from a home based small manufacturing business to a company with its own workshop, professional equipment, and a team of like-minded people, also professionals by the way))) BeaverCraft is a young company that brought together people who are really excited about what they do. We all enjoy woodcarving and it unites us. BeaverCraft is the name of inexpensive, professional tool designed taking into account the wishes of carvers from all over the world. Every day we improve our skills of producing woodcarving tools.

What Safety Items Are Needed For Wood Work?

beaver craft spoon carving set

The Narex Small Spoon-Knife is the first knife on our list which will be good for lefties since the blade is on the opposite side of the knife. That means you can push with your left hand or pull with your right, which may be what some users prefer. It’s also made from manganese alloy steel, which is extremely strong, though it doesn’t have the same corrosion resistance that stainless steel has. What ultimately drops this hook knife to last place on our list is the blade’s odd angle.

  • This set was a surprising discovery for me.
  • This model also comes with an ergonomic wooden handle which won’t bother your hands or wrists.
  • In this short review, you can find some information about where to buy wood carving tools.
  • With the whittling knife, you give shape to the spoon, then with the hook knife, you hollow out and refine the bowl and that’s it, your spoon is ready.
  • ⚡️EASY TO USE WOODCARVING KIT⚡️ You’ll get adjusted to every wood carving tool handle and wood carving tools kit blade easily from the very first day of wood carving.
  • Something I noticed about the handle is that both ends have rounded tapered edges which is a pretty generic way of shaping handheld tools.

The spoon knife set fits perfectly beginner carving needs as well as wood carving professional demands. BeaverCraft Wood Carving & Green Woodworking Tools Manufacturer from Ukraine – Beavers are good at making woodcarving tools!

Considering you’re still getting it with carbon steel, which is a must have material for any blade doing carving, that has a double edge, it is a solid choice. Often positively acclaimed for being consistently resilient, pull cuts are the name of the game when it comes to carving with hook knives so the Mora 164 is best for right handed people, unless you can perform push cuts with your left hand too. Anyway, sorry about the rant, the 164 seems to be a popular favorite and is often times used in woodcarving workshops.

Then with the hook knife, you cut out the wooden spoon and smooth out all nuances. That’s all, your spoon is ready. Hook spoon carving knife is the excellent utensil for making detailed cuts or rounding out bowls and carving spoons. The carbon steel blade of the spoon carving knife is single-edged so that you can perform push or pull cuts with one hand atop the blade for enhanced control.

Walnut, mahogany, and butternut are also the best wood for carving spoons. Honestly, receiving a tool with a dull blade is not enough for me to rule it off, it’s an easy fix (unless you don’t have a sharpening stone and strop) so it isn’t that big of a deal.

Spoon Carving Set Wood Carving Knives Set with Wooden Spoon Blank Woodcarving Tool Set Spoon Knives Crooked Knife Whittling BeaverCraft S222

Though, there’re also a huge variety of knives types. So you can also buy one with a longer blade with a sharp point at the end. For amateurs, the construction with a straight edge is preferred, as well as in the general carving knife. This great set of 4 knives in canvas roll is intended for cutting out spoons, bowls, kuksa and other small products. The set for cutting the spoons has all the necessary tools to cut a kuksa or wooden spoon on its own.

what is that you want to create with your best wood carving tools. Of course, you have had an idea in your mind what you’ll carve with your best wood carving tools, you may even have a design of your future creation, but it happens even to the professional woodworkers that it doesn’t come out as it was expected. The only real downside to this blade is that a small fraction of the shipped units arrive dull, or less than razor sharp. It’s a rare problem, but it’s always nice when you get a tool you can use right out of the box.

Spoon Carving Knife NEW Hook Knife Woodcarving Chisels Spoon Knives Hook Knives

For some users, it was a motivation to recall their skills and projects and to re-engage in wood carving. I highly recommend it for every beginner, who has been looking for a nice basic set to start with their carving, as well as for professionals, who are in search of top whittling tools to be tested. S13 is one of the most useful and affordable sets of basic tools for every beginner and professional.

Keep the tool in a dry place, since even a slight moisture greatly affects the tool and it can get rusty. Since in the composition of steel from which a tool is made of contains carbon it can get rusty because of the moisture. If you store tools in a roll, make sure that they are completely dry. If you do not plan to use the tool for a long period of time, treat the blades with oil or wax, this will protect them from rust. Very high quality, Jacket grade leather.



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