Want that “Model Off Duty” look?


Is there really anything more beautiful than being drop dead fresh and gorgeous with, what it looks like, no apparent effort? Supercool and with natural elegance. Okay, those models have prerequisites from the beginning and looks cool and chic whatever they wear. As if they have not made an effort at all. Whether it’s the makeup, hair or clothing. Or? If you want to learn some professional tricks to get it right, you should look at our best tips in the book in how to get the look:

1) You must own your appearance. Carry the look with your head held high. Look like you just threw some clothes on.

2) Take a black or brown eyepencil and mark the upper lash line, it does not matter if it gets a little rough since you should wipe it with an synthetic brush or if you prefer to use your fingertip. A soft, creamy eyepencil works best.

3) Do the same with the lower lash line. Clean up so that it is clean and tidy with a Q-tip. Take a little concealer – preferably liquid such as Reflex Cover from Make Up Store or from Touche Eclait from YSL.
4) Add a little blush to give your face a fresh glow, choose a soft warm tone. Apply only on the cheek apple.
5) Use the same blush and sweep over the eyelid.
6) Brush up your brows – they shall look a little unfixed to give that cool, raw finish we are looking for here.
7) Add lip balm on your lips. They should not look shiny, so bite of any access on a piece of paper.
8) Spray some dry shampoo in your hair, start at the root and work out in the lengths. Adds volume and gives structure to the hair.
9) If you want to, use a flat iron and work through your hair to create loose curls. Brush them out.
10) Finally – Be happy with yourself and be who you are. Hold your cheek up high and enjoy every step you take during the day – the best trick to get that little extra inch that makes you unique and the amazing person you are!



Sara Stenevad

Redaktionschef Skönhet

Beauty och Fashion junkie! Makeupartist och stylist med lång erfarenhet och skönhet i alla dess kosmetiska former. Ett brinnande intresse att föra mina kunskaper vidare vilket jag gör i artikelform – här på Blogozines skönhetsavdelning och i min roll som utbildare av nya makeupartister och stylister. Tillsammans med mitt team stylar vi allt från IDOL och STHLM Fashion Week till Guldknappen och våra egna Blogozine visningar.

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